Monday, September 3, 2012

Real Talk: The Super Natural Natural

Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair is a lot of fun. It's exciting, something new, brings about some interesting experiences, and over all it becomes a newly met goal! We all know how good it feels when you accomplish something you set out to do...FREAKIN' AWESOME!

HOWEVER...some women kill me when they act like their whole life has changed. I mean they go from lookin' like this:


And I'm talkin' bout baby and all!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not in any way downing African women or trying to make fun of them...that's the motherland and I have nothing BUT respect for the culture there.

I'm talking about these African American women who ain't never seen a MAP OF AFRICA walking around with dashikis on when last year, before their big chop, they were braggin' on their BeBe logo tees!


Then when you ask em why they went natural they hit you with "I was just tired of trying to conform to the white man's world....I needed to feel confident with the strands God gave me...those of sheep's wool"...and so on and so forth. It's like GIVE ME A EXTRA LONG BREAK!

I mean, for some people that may be true...but girl explain your African flag dress and ear rings shaped like the continent! These women have stopped combing their hair and everything...talking bout "see, the comb is a tool of the man..." GIRL if you don't slick that "hurr" back!!

It's like...just because you decided to stop getting relaxers, doesn't mean you instantly transform into a full blooded African. You're still African American and you still grew up down the street! I can imagine that this is insulting to those who were born and raised in Africa. There's so much more to them than natural hair and intricate clothing.

Personally, I considered going natural because I just wanted to see what my true hair texture was. Not because I was tired of relaxing my hair to look "white" thick as my hair is...looking white was NEVER an option. I was getting relaxers because I loved my straight hair in high school and majority of college.

It wasn't until I realized I loved to wear my hair big and that natural hair would be better for big hair styles that I was like, okay...let me see what natural talkin' bout. It turned out that I LOVED it! I said to myself that if I didn't like it, I would just go back to relaxers. Luckily, it all worked out for me!

Now, I get the whole "I feel more confident now that I'm natural" is a BOLD statement. Regardless of how many women decide to go natural, it will always be daring thing to do, because it's still not the norm.

But PLEASE, pretty freakin' please, don't start makin shea butter sandwiches and jamaican black castor oil shakes and trade all your clothes for kente' cloths 'cause you've determined you've got a 4A curl pattern growing out of your scalp...'cause I assure you that AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. I talked to Sweet Brown the other day and she definitely signed off on that! :-)

Again...I don't mean any disrespect! Just stating my lil ole opinion. African culture is BEAUTIFUL but please, if you didn't grow up over there or NONE of your family is from there...just stop frontin'. Keep calm and do a braid out!

What are your thoughts on the Super Natural Natural? DO TELL!


  1. Girl...ok! I am convinced that this is the very reason why men, especially black men, have decided they don't like women with natural hair. I had a man to tell me he's never seen a woman with natural hair that he liked before he spotted me. Not bragging or anything...this man was serious. I don't blame him because these women don't wash, condition, comb, twist or braid their hair. Nothing...JUST NOTHING! I love this. We should vlog together one day on this very topic.

  2. lol. this was both funny and soo true. i'm annoyed with the "super natural naturals." going natural isn't necessarily also philosophical.

  3. Just found this blog and I really like it... the beginning of this post has me in bites!! loool I so agree with you though I hate the pretence of some people and as you say this is true for SOME but its really not for most who vomit these same lines about the "white mans world"... trying to become the motherland themselves. Nice post, have at look at my blog sometime