Sunday, October 21, 2012

***My Signature Style***

From what I've noticed, every natural has a signature hairstyle. It's the one that most compliments them in EVERY way! From how difficutlt it is to how much time it takes, the products needed, how long it lasts, how it fits their face, etc.

For me, that style is the BELOVED TWIST OUT!!!

There it allll of its glory! *Sigh*'s a breath of fresh air.
So you wanna know why, ey? I'll tell ya and I'll keep it short and simple:

1. The twist out is EASY for me to do and it take about 45 minutes for me to twist my whole head. I use the flat twist method.

2. I use 4 products to achieve the best results and neither of those products are expensive nor hard to find. They all smell delicious and they make me happy :-) (I'll talk about them in detail in another post).

3. A twist out can last me a STRONG 7 days...the maintenance is extremely low and THAT is the most important factor to me. I hate styling my hair only to wear it for one day...that absolutely blows.Plus it keeps me from putting my hands in my hair too much, which is always a good thing.

4. Lastly, I feel sexy with my twist out! It's like that fresh roller wrap I used to get when I was relaxed. It never fails me! My hair looks great and when ya hair looks great, so do you!

So yeah...the twist out is MY thing! I have mastered it and it does not fail! My old faithful :-)

What is your signature style?


  1. I know you mentioned that you'll be updating in jan but I can't wait, what products did you use for the twist out :)

  2. Yes, what products? Also, do you put rollers at the ends?