Friday, August 31, 2012

What's On My Head?!

Since I've already discussed the hair typing chart, I figured I'd share my hair type with you all...or at least what I think it is!

Alright so here is my hair after I shampooed and deep conditioned it. You would think it would be soaking wet but literally 2 min after I stepped out of the shower, it was already beginning to dry! It's thirsty! (I said that in the voice that a girl would use when talking about an overly persistent guy lol). Any way, I THINK that my hair is a mixture of types 3C/4A. Oh, excuse my face...I become awkward when I'm taking "for hair only" pics.

On the left side is the texture that is over the majority of my head. Here it is still wet for the most part...I would say this is 3C. When it dries it shrinks up maybe half of it's actual length. The picture on the right side is the "4A" area of my head. It's ONLY on my edges in the front. As you can see, it already was drying for the most part and just looks frizzy. When it's soaking wet, however, you can see a very tight curl. This part of my hair shrinks up more than half of itself. It actually looks weird because it's only on my edges, so when I let my hair air dry with out styling products, it looks patchy...and tennis ball-y, lol. Anywaaaay...

This is the crown of my head. To be honest, I know it's not 3C or 4A, but I opted to save myself the headache and not try to figure it out. The curl is much looser in the top of my head. In this picture it was beginning to dry without product so you really couldn't get the full gist of it, but you can see how it just waves up. That's all I have to say about my crown...*hits the Steeby J face just because*

Alright, here is the problem area of my head. I had a sew-in with a side part during the months of December and January. I flat ironed it every. single. day and BAM! No more curls for me. This patch of hair has been this way since I cut off the rest of my relaxed ends in wash and go's look silly right about now. I have about 3 inches of new growth in that area so it's in its own special transition. I cut the front of my hair a lot so it shouldn't take the majority of the patch to become fully natural again.Needless to say, but HEAT DAMAGE IS REAL LADIES. Flat iron too much if ya want to!

So...yeah...that's my hair in all its glory! To give you a run down, I have really no problems detangling ever, my hair holds on to styles for dear life,I always get great definition with braid/twist outs, I have no problem with moisture retention (even with color treatment), and my hair has normal shedding.

If your hair is like mine PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I've been looking for a hair twin :-)

What's your hair type?


  1. I just discovered your blog and we are hair twins! We should definitely talk products and retention.

  2. Hair twins lol My hair does the exact same thing! I wore a 3/4 wig off and on for most of the year, so the front has lost its curl, gonna take a lot to get it back. but its worth it